Children’s Learn to Swim Programme


At Camden Swiss Cottage Swimming Club, we offer high quality Learn to Swim provision for all in a fun, safe and professional environment.

Our staff are highly qualified with many years of experience teaching from early fundamental stages through to coaching Olympic athletes. 


Programme Benefits

  • Small group sizes up to a maximum of 4 to 5 swimmers, enhancing progression.

  • An individualised and tailored approach enabling teachers to spend more time on each child’s development.

  • Our highly experienced teachers are all also qualified coaches.

  • We offer a consistent professional approach adhering to Swim England’s national curriculum.

  • Children will be continuously monitored to ensure progression through the appropriate stages and to build their confidence as a proficient swimmer.


Weekend Lessons Offer

We cannot provide trial lessons but our team of teachers will (informally) assess every swimmers ability in their first lesson to ensure they will succeed within the registered stage. Should they not meet the stage criteria, they will be re-directed to an appropriate stage or alternative programme. 

Stages 1 - 5 are currently taught at American School in London (ASL)

Saturday & Sunday lessons taught between 13:45 - 15:45 for £24 / 30 minute lesson

Stages 5 - 8 are currently taught at Mallinson Sports Centre (Highgate School )

Sunday lessons taught between 13:00 - 16:00 for £31 / 45 minute lesson or £24 / 30 minute lesson

Our Stages Co-ordinator will oversee all classes and is always available to speak with parents about their child’s progression and will communicate any assessments / movement opportunities approximately every 6-8 weeks.


Helpful Information

Lessons commence on the weekend of 9/10 September 2023 and continue until 13/14 July 2024. We do not take breaks/close over the school half term/term holidays with the exception of: Christmas, New Year & Easter weekends as the pool are closed. 

Lesson fees are charged on the 1st day of the month, from 1 September 2023 until 1 July 2024, the fees charged to the card on your account reflect the number of lessons in the respective calendar month.

Registering your swimmer into the programme is committing to the terms of the CSCSC membership and the lesson season.  In line with the Club’s Constitution, all members are required to give 1 month notice to cancel, this must be communicated in writing to the CSCSC Office Manager. Your cancellation email will be confirmed and your swimmer may continue to access lessons until the end of the notice period.


Interested in CSCSC Squads Programme?                                  

Swimmers who demonstrate the necessary skills, technique and fitness will be recommended for a trial with the CSCSC Academy/Development Squad programmes. Swimmers are not required to complete Stage 8 to be considered for competitive/non-competitive squads but are encouraged to continue their lessons to develop confidence in swimming all strokes including introductions to basic competitive skills, including turns and dives.