Swimming Caps & Training Equipment        

Caps are no longer sold through the CSCSC club office.

In addition to the relevant Team Kit for swim meets, swimmers are asked to ensure they have specific training equipment. Please check your squad webpage and/or Lead Coach for a list of additional training items. 
Swimming Caps and Training Equipment can now be ordered directly through Allens of Kingsbury CSCSC club webpage. Allens of Kingsbury will process payment and fulfill cap and equipment orders completed through their website.  CSCSC caps are always sold in a 3 pack and shipped promptly to the address you provide at check-out.
Bespoke named cap orders do have a minimum limit (or a lead time of up to 12 weeks). We advise members to liaise with fellow squad members and try to submit multiple personalised cap orders before the 1st of the month with the attempt to trigger a minimum order fulfillment. Use your squad WhatsApp groups to liaise with other members should you wish to get a bespoke order sooner. 
More information about Allens of Kingsbury affiliation information can be located in your member Welcome to CSCSC email or the generic version in the Members Area of the CSCSC website.
Teamwear / Apparel
CSCSC still has some Arena teamwear / apparel in t he office for sale at a discounted rate. Due to the lead times with KitLocker should  a beanie hat (black, petrol or navy), t-shirt, hoodie or shorts be required, CSCSC can  and will continue to supply this kit to members. T o order this kit, please contact the Office Manager with the required item(s) and size( s).

Camden Swiss Cottage Swimming Club x KitLocker Partnership    

We’re deighted to be able to announce CSCSC’s partnership with KitLocker to supply all members with Camden Teamwear clothing. We expect to see all members in the Nike kit by September 2025, so please know there is no rush to invest in new kit immediately. 


Members can now order Nike Teamwear for Swimmers (female / male) and Supporters kit